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landing craft


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Price [USD] 

Landing Craft        
LCM 6 located on west coast of Canada BM 14x66' stretched LCM 6, 2 ea 671s, rebuilt with new 509 Transmissions. New 11'x11' house, basic electronics, new paint, very good condition. Canadian   100,000.00
LCM 8 located Pacific Northwest   steel, stock, very good condition, twin 671's   120,000.00
LCM 6 located Pacific Northwest car Large house, living quarters, 20kw gen   50,000.00
LCM8 aluminum Mart Like new, 12V71's west coast   365,000.00
Four LCM 8
Located in the Pacific Northwest
M Four LCM8's available with engines. good hulls. average to good condition All have twin-pac 6-71 gmc engines [four 6-71 gmc engines] some are hydraulic and some are air. Bow ramps operable.   50-80,000.00
Landing Craft aluminum cro Landing craft the size of an LCM 8, three each 671's diesels, ac generators, big double deck wheelhouse. Located in the Pacific Northwest.   320,000.00 obo
LCU Landing Craft guy 115 x 34, three 6-71 engines, with hydraulic gears, two 40kw ac generators, operable bow ramps.   200,000.00
LCM 6 geo Workboat-steel twin 671 diesels, shortened to 35' long-needs work   5,000.00

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